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Top 5 Pool Things to Do on Guest Ranch Resort Vacations

Enjoying the sunshine in our dude ranch pool is just as popular as horseback riding and campfire cookouts.

When you are spending the afternoon by the heated pool at our Colorado dude ranch, you may think there is nothing exciting to do. To prove many activities can be incredibly amusing things to do at the pool, we have created a … Continue reading

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Horses and Hot Tubs: Relaxing Adventure Vacations

Fresh air and a day in the saddle sure make that hot tub feel great! Just one of the many attractions on Colorado Trails dude ranch.

Hot tubs are good for your health! We all know the feeling of stress, body aches and pains and feeling sore beyond comprehension. You will be checking out new and different adventure vacations activities at the dude ranch, but your … Continue reading

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Evenings on Dude Ranch Vacations in Durango


Dude ranch evenings at Colorado Trails are unlike any other you will experience. We offer you a wide variety of activities and programs for all ages, ensuring you have the perfect end to a fantastic day. Perhaps you would like … Continue reading

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Destination Dude Ranch: Adventure Vacations for Families

Imagine your family all being happy with the activities every moment of your dude ranch vacations

There are countless people who have planned a destination vacation, gotten excited, only to end up disappointed, angry and frustrated at the outcomes. Many of the resort type packages offered are bare minimum activity plans, meaning you have to fill … Continue reading

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Personalized Horseback Riding Instruction Week

While most of the season on our guest ranch is devoted to a wide mix of activity itineraries, one special week at the Colorado Trails dude ranch resort focuses on individual horseback riding instruction. Horseman’s Week is always set for … Continue reading

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Horseback Riding and Art: Excellent Vacation Blend

Art clinics and horseback riding are the perfect artist's dude ranch vacation.

Summer scenery in the San Juan Mountains is beautiful. People have been traveling to Durango, Colorado for over a century, just to enjoy the breathtaking view. To anyone with artistic talent, the fall colors add a depth to the rolling … Continue reading

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The Elements of the Perfect Vacation

Colorado guest ranch adventure vacations include river rafting fun.

If you’ve been on a destination vacation that was huge disappointment lately, you aren’t alone. There is a lot work just lining up your lodging and entertainment agenda. Most self planned vacations mean a lot of hassle and waiting in … Continue reading

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Guest Ranch Colorado: Durango Horseback Riding Vacations

Guest ranch adventure vacations

Durango, CO, February 10, 2010, Colorado Trails is a Western dude ranch located at the edge of the San Juan National Forest in Durango, Colorado. For guest ranch reunions and horseback riding vacations, we offer you, your friends or your … Continue reading

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Great Vacations Begin at Dude Ranch Colorado Trails

Dude ranch horseback riding vacations.

Durango, CO, February 8, 2010 Picking the best dude ranch vacation destination means selecting the ranch that features everything you need and stuff you never considered. Colorado Trails Ranch has every detail covered from great food to comfortable lodging and … Continue reading

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Colorado Trails Guest Ranch: Durango Style Excitement for All Ages

Guest ranch horseback riding vacations for all ages.

Durango, CO, January 27, 2010, We guarantee a relaxing and rewarding event filled week on our guest ranch. Durango will be far from their focus, even as teenagers with so many great activities to keep them busy and having fun. … Continue reading

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