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Personalized Horseback Riding Instruction Week

While most of the season on our guest ranch is devoted to a wide mix of activity itineraries, one special week at the Colorado Trails dude ranch resort focuses on individual horseback riding instruction. Horseman’s Week is always set for … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Trips for Colorado Cutthroat Trout

Guest ranch fly fishing vacations in Colorado

Most regions of the country have good spots for fly fishing trout of one type of another. Finding the perfect spot to offering fly fishing vacations means you’ll be looking for something out of the ordinary and the fly fishing … Continue reading

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The Dude Ranch Experience

World class horseback riding - fly fishing vacations at Colorado Trails Ranch.

A lot of people are pretty curious these days about exactly what they can do for a week at a world class dude ranch resort. It isn’t like we will feed you well so you will have the stamina to … Continue reading

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Dude Ranch Vacations and Teenagers

Dude ranch kids programs for teens

If you ask your teenaged children what they want to do on the upcoming family vacation, they won’t say they want to go to a dude ranch. Don’t be surprised when they are anything but happy that your family adventure … Continue reading

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Horseback Riding and Art: Excellent Vacation Blend

Art clinics and horseback riding are the perfect artist's dude ranch vacation.

Summer scenery in the San Juan Mountains is beautiful. People have been traveling to Durango, Colorado for over a century, just to enjoy the breathtaking view. To anyone with artistic talent, the fall colors add a depth to the rolling … Continue reading

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Why Kids Love a Dude Ranch Family Vacation

Dude ranch kids programs broaden children's horizons.

Have you ever taken your kids on vacation and found the entire trip was a problem? You are about to discover the perfect place to take your kids and enjoy an entire week of bliss… for all of you. The … Continue reading

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The Elements of the Perfect Vacation

Colorado guest ranch adventure vacations include river rafting fun.

If you’ve been on a destination vacation that was huge disappointment lately, you aren’t alone. There is a lot work just lining up your lodging and entertainment agenda. Most self planned vacations mean a lot of hassle and waiting in … Continue reading

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The Best Place to Learn Horseback Riding

Dude ranch horseback riding instructors are excellent.

Not everyone has the opportunity to have a horse in their backyard, yet a lot of people would love to learn how to ride. There is something so freeing about loping across a grassy plain or traversing mountains on a … Continue reading

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How to Plan the Ultimate Family Reunion

Guest ranch family reunion vacations

Looking for something that is really going to be the best fun for every person who is coming to the family reunion is never easy. You have to find the perfect activities for the youngest child all the way up … Continue reading

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