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Team Building And Our Dude Ranch Are Perfect Partners

Corporate Retreats are Crucial for Success

Spring has arrived in Durango, CO, meaning that it’s a perfect time to get your colleagues out of the cubicles and into the beautiful San Juan Mountains surrounding Colorado Trails dude ranch. In early April, nights are still crisp and … Continue reading

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Interesting Info to Bring Along on Horseback Riding Vacations


Guests to our Colorado dude ranch who have not ridden before, or spent much time around horses, can find it much easier to quickly become confidant about their time in the saddle by being more familiar with these magnificent animals. … Continue reading

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Priceless Moments on Our Guest Ranch


There are certain experiences in life, that no matter how old you become, will always be treasured. They are things that can only happen rarely to a person, if not a once in a lifetime gem. For a child who … Continue reading

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What Happens On Our Colorado Dude Ranch In the Winter?

Expect great All Inclusive Family Vacations in the Summer!

It is pretty quiet at Colorado Trails during our off season, but don’t get the idea that the full time staff is on hiatus. We’re definitely not on vacation. There is plenty of action taking place at the dude ranch. … Continue reading

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A Dude Ranch Donation More Valuable Than Money

Make donations to this dude ranch to make people

A lot people have a cause that they donate to, whether it be money or their time. It is always an organization whose goals match their convictions or beliefs. Things aren’t much different for the owners and staff here at … Continue reading

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The Best Dude Ranch Kid’s Program is Loads of Fun!

Your children will have a blast in our dude ranch kid

Are you looking for all inclusive family vacations that both you and your kids will love? Great, ‘cause we’re ready for you too! At Colorado Trails Ranch, you’re more than just a guest, and will become a part of our … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Saddles Before Dude Ranch Vacations


At Colorado Trails Ranch, we offer families a chance to go on horseback riding vacations that they’ll never forget. Before you head to Colorado for your ideal dude ranch vacation, however, you should educate yourself a little about the Western … Continue reading

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Fascinating Things to Do On Our Dude Ranch Vacations

Visit ancient ruins and other places of historical value

For guests of the Colorado Trails Ranch, there’s a lot more to explore than horseback riding and fishing or rafting. One of the most interesting is the opportunity to tour the ruins of the ancients nearby. Mesa Verde National Park … Continue reading

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Ever Wondered Why It’s Called a ‘Dude Ranch’?

Learn the fun way with All Inclusive Family Vacations!

It certainly has nothing to do with today’s younger crowd referring to each other as ‘dude’. It’s also doubtful that they coined the name after anything connected to a guest ranch. So where did this ranch classification come from? As … Continue reading

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History of the Dude Ranch

Enjoy the best family vacations with this guest ranch!

Dude ranch vacations have been considered some of the very best family vacations ever since dude ranches and guest ranches first burst onto the scene in the late 19th century. The Romance with the American West Why did folks from … Continue reading

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